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Winback call

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1



i left Fido a few months ago


i got a winback call a few weeks ago, I asked for time to think it over and call me back


i have yet to be called back


i used the live chat, per agent no record




any way I can get the winback agent to contact me again?  Or any way to get winback to call me?  (Former Fido customer for 10+ years)




Good morning @Gwoo , the win back team is a separate department contracted to bring customers back to Fido. The customer service representatives won't have any records of their calls until you are signed on again as a customer. If you had asked for more time to make a decision,  then they will call you again when your name comes up on their call list once again. They will call back, but it may take some time to circle back to you. Hope you hear from them again soon. All the best