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Why loyalty doesn’t matter…or…

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1


I have the same issue as in another post about loyalty (I think was Shaman post). I feel that I’m not customer of FIDO, only a number that doesn’t matter.

I’m with FIDO for more than 15 years and in summer my 2 years plan ended, consequently I tried to renew my plan for 2 years and in the same time to upgrade my phone to IPhone 11 pro.

I spoke with an agent and she told me that FIDO couldn’t offer any good deal on this phone and to wait till autumn when 12 pro will be released and then they will have good offers( at that date 11 pro was with approx. 310 down payment and 12 pro with 620 down payment) .

I called again after the release of 12 pro, and the same story, loyalty can’t do anything and this time an agent from Customer care told me to call on Black Friday and then I’ll get the 11 pro with 0$ down payment  or the down payment for 12 pro would be very much reduced.

Yesterday I called and after 4 hours of waiting, disconnections and trying to speak with somebody in charge the result was that the only loyalty I could get was 3Gb more, that I do not need, compared with a new customer !?!

I told to that supervisor that there are better offers at Rogers and I get better deal if I keep my monthly plan and I buy myself a new 12 pro, she told me that in this case it’s  better for me to go with competition.

This is unbelievable, I doesn’t matter that another agent made before (an offer that I should have had on Black Friday), it doesn’t matter that I’m with Fido for so long, it only mattered that they got rid of a customer that only tried to renew his plan for 2 years with Fido.

I’m so sad, how FIDO is dealing with customers, during this years I stayed with FIDO and I always told to my friends that FIDO always appreciate the loyalty and always you can get a common ground with FIDO.


So now, before to change the provider, I’m trying to reach somebody that shares the same opinion as me and appreciate the things above mentioned. If you can help me, this would be very much appreciated.


Thank you,



Hey @Ileduard! 

That doesn't sound like a fun experience at all We definitely appreciate that you've been with us for so long and we always aim to offer the best deals that we currently have available. 

I see that you've already sent us a PM, we invite you to reply back and we'll look into your account together.