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Why fido customers should go to another service provider

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

I have been a fido loyal customer for 12 years with three lines.

 I have no contact and always I buy my phones in full. My bills are paid 20 days before due day. I have never missed a payment. Yes you safely can say I am one of fido Ideal customer.


Last week I decided to change one of my phones and have a phone with a contract for personal reason. I called Fido and a wonderful customer service representative answered me and worked through my file. She was amazed and gave me an offer. I like the offer and asked her to have notes on my file to get everything done in 24 hours since I had other urgent matter came up while I was on the phone. Today I called back and asked to get the offer and I told the guys already the notes on my file.

I was shocked by the rep telling me that I can not take this offer because it is not valid and she does not know how her colleague gave me this offer. She confirmed all the notes are there and she can see I am loyal customer but still she can not honour the offer. 

At this point I am happy to say Goodbye to fido for good.


You Fido loyal customers you will leave fido sooner or later but believe me you will do. When a business break the trust it is saying wake up and be aware you will regret being my customer.


Fido is no longer trustworthy business, I believe may of you would agree.


Be smart and take a move out step 





I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

The same. I have been with Fido for over 10 years. Same as you, I paid my bills on time, never complained although their customer service was not always great! I was an ideal customer as well. But Fido doesn't appreciate loyalty  and I have recently left fido for Koodo. I received a new phone, much cheaper plan with 60 gg data and free unlimited calls to 28 countries,  unbelievable. I only regret that I was too long with fido. I should have switched my provider years ago. Now I recommendations my husband to quit fido. 

I'm qualified level 1
I'm qualified level 1

Hi Gogo2019.

I think FidoAnthony can resolve your situation. Smiley

Have a nice one! Very_Happy


Hey @Gogo2019,


That is definitely not the kind of service we'd want to offer our customers and I can assure you that we'd be happy to look into it as well and see if we can turn your experience around. In cases like these, we would need to access your account to take a closer look at the details on file. With that said, I will be sending you a PM via the community.


We hope to chat with you soon. 😊