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Why does Fido need a contact phone number?

I'm Helpful Level 2
I'm Helpful Level 2

I enter my contact number, and it says, "you cannot use a Fido number as your contact number".  I try to submit no phone number, and it says I have to enter my 10 digit contact number.  So I use a non existent 555-555-5555 as I only have the one number that is a Fido number, that is not allowed to be used for Fido contact.    Kind of pointless to request a contact phone number and then not allow me to enter the only number I can be contacted at. 


Former Moderator
Former Moderator
Hey Spiltbongwater!

The contact number has to be a number other than your cellphone number because it is to be used only if you are unreachable at your Fido number.

If you do not have a contact number, you may enter 111-111-1111 (it's the one I use as I am in the same situation than you).

I hope this helps.