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What's my options

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I recently suffered a TRAMATIC BRAIN injury . I fell 30+ feet fractured my whole left side cracked myskull and have a internal brain bleed. I am on 80% bedrest during day . Can not read or write myself.


The app hasn't worked in overall month

It took fido since Oct 22nd 2022 till a week ago to have my voicemail access set so I could access. Fido employee who finally helped me said that for the last few months the dozens of workers that helped me no one u til him knew how to do their job. And that was a reasonable excuse. I lost out on thousands of dollars worth of work and just missed two surgery due to no access to my voicemail.  They did credit me 144 but now suddenly a week later my bills back to 146 . 


Considering the amount of time I spent with customer services and I have medical notes with My cognate and communication skills and the fact I've been with them since 2021 and never asked for anything like this . You think that they would want to help your average working man out in his most time of need.



I may have to just let this go to collections and go get a local smaller phone company because it's cheaper now and I can't lose my phone . It's my only form of contact and with out it i can't do my Dr's and medical arrangements. Or beagle call for help if I fall or if my medical issues worsen .



Idk what to do. 



Hello @Madcran,


Welcome to the community!


Sorry to hear about your injuries and I can only hope for you to recover. 


As for your invoice amount if you save/print your invoice details you will be able to see exactly what you are being charged for, see here for how to do that. You can also call Fido and add an authorized person to speak on your behalf to take care of any issues.


As for letting it go to collections that can actually be bad for your credit rating and depending on your rating, you can actually not get service through any provider. I would suggest you or have someone go over your invoice and try to sort it out.