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Warning for Cruise Ship Goers

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Just a warning for anyone planning on travelling on a cruise ship. Your phone will still work while at sea, but Fido Roam like Home, does not cover the service. Fido does NOT send any notification that this area is not covered, they will still happily charge you the 15$ daily roaming fee if you come near a shoreline, but you're also on your own for the pirate-level pay-per-use fees charged while at sea (4$ per minute, +++data fee's).


Happy sailing!


Hi @MikeL5 , I just posted something about this very thing last week warning people not to use their devices on a cruise ship. It's really important to research before you travel exactly what you're going to be charged. The cruise ship has their own agreement with a satellite company to allow cell service. The calls can be charged at up to $5 a minute. When in a port it is possible to connect to local services and Roam like home, but make sure the network you connect to is the provided tower from the location you are in. It's painful to find this out after the fact. Sorry that happened to you