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Very Bad experience with fido service

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I got my bill today and data over limit charged for 126$+tax.

I am a fido royal customer for about 20 years. In the past 2 years, over-limit happened and it went to an add-on directly, 20$ covered about 2G, this is what I know about the fido service.

Now, fido changed their way to grab money, they just sent a message asked if you want to buy an add-on or you want to continue, if you don't know their 100M/7$ rate for the exceed data, you just click "yes" , you gonna charge unlimited money because you consent fido to do so, it will not be the 50$ regulated by the CRTC. But, I don't know this change.

I called Chinese customer service, I wish they can let me pay less, the guy was nice, and explained well to me and said he can give me 50$ off and I pay 20$ next month for an add-on, Then, I tried to talk with a supervisor to see if I can get a better deal, her name is Tatjana, I told her we don't know this before, it is really my son's fault, she repeatedly to say fido sent messages to remind my son, it was my son to accept to continue to use. Then she several times asked me to upgrade the plan, I told her it occasionally happened, we are not necessary to increase the data plan, then she restarted to say it was my son who accepted the message and even sent me the message to show me how the message looks like, then she asked me to buy the 30$ add-on for a 2G, even if the plan 2G more I only need to pay 2 dollars more, she thought me stupidly, I told her she is not as good as a manager, one day, if I move to another provider, it is because of her bad services.

The phone call last 1 hour, she could not solve anything, just repeatedly said my son accepted the message, but she makes me angry, she said I interrupted her, but I got interrupted by her many times only because she repeated the things I knew already.

By the way, I called back to Chinese services, the agent works much better than her.

I am thinking about change, anyone has good recommendations?



Hello @cocohata


The recommendation I can give you  on my side is to stay here with us Smiley


At the same time, your experience with us is our priority and we are always happy to help you with your Fido account.


For future reference, you can always find the ways to reach us here.


I'm sending you a PM to go over your account. Talk to you soon.