Value Pack and $17 activation charge for BYOP plan

Value Pack and $17 activation charge for BYOP plan

Value Pack and $17 activation charge for BYOP plan

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Value Pack and $17 activation charge for BYOP plan

Hi Team


I ported my number from Virgin to Fido at a Fido store in Surrey. They charged me $13 approx. for the activation or simcard, however now on my first bill also I see an activation charge of $17 even though I could have bought a sim online for free! Do store charges for getting a sim from them? 


Couple of weeks ago I received a Welcome call from Fido CSR and I requested him to rectify that issue and he told me that he will forward my concern to Customer care department however no one has followed up. Also he upsold me $5 Value pack with first month free however that hasn't taken effect as yet. Could someone please look into both of these issues for me?







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Hi @Mirza80 & welcome to the Community! Smiley


Normally you would be billed a $15 activation fee which includes the cost of the SIM card. Did the store provide you with a receipt detailing what you were billed for?


As for the value pack, can you clarify what you mean by ''it hasn't taken effect yet''? Do you mean that it hasn't been activated yet, or you have been billed for it?



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Hi @FidoMaria

Thanks for your prompt response. I'll try finding the receipt that he gave to me.

No I havent been billed for Value Pack, it hasn't been activated although it was supposed to with in 24-48 hours after the CSR's call.

Thanks for looking into it.

Thanks for looking into that receipt for us @Mirza80 Smiley


I'll send you a PM so when you find it, you can send us the photo of the receipt through there.


We'll then be able to take a closer look at those charges with you. 


Thanks again for taking the time to reach out!



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OK Thanks. Let's discuss about value pack activation in private as well.



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