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I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

I got a new phone Nov 16 2023.  It was a Fold 5, I didn't like it so I exchange it with Iphone 15 Pro Max. After a week I went back to the store because I saw my bill on my Fido account was not right.  I came back to the store (Tbooth Guilford Surrey, BC) show a screen shot from the app.  They said, do not worry about it because it takes time. I was like it was 10 days already since I got my phone. I knew there was something wrong on the bill. So, I came back the next day I showed them my Fido App, still they did not do anything about it. They said it might be the Fold 5 bill that was showing. I know there was something wrong because I made a downpayment of $600. So the next day, I called the Fido customer service. They said I have a balance of $530+ on my account. I rushed to Tbooth in Guilford Surrey again (3rd straight day going to the store), Guess what they said, "do not worry about it, we will fix it, and you can talk to my manager tomorrow". I was so exhausted to go to the store back and forth everyday just telling them to fix it. They phone is not even working, I can't give them a call, I really do not want to go there again because I am getting the same response everytime. (4TH DAY) I was about to go to Metrotown when my phone network stopped working. So, I decided to go to apple store and see what was going on with my phone. They checked it and they said the network is not working. To fix it i need to send it to their depot repair store for a week. So, I said it's just the 14th day, I might able to exchange it to TBooth. So, I rushed to Guilford Mall. I talked to the Manager and he said, inorder to exchange the phone I need to factory reset it without looking into my account. After a minute, he opened my account and said it was suspended. Now, I can't use my phone because there was no network, I can't set up my apple ID. No apps, no nothing on my phone. He called Fido to see, what was going on, the rep he was talking too said I just need to pay $68 to activate my account again because I owe $600. So that's what I did. They said, wait a little longer So I waited an hour nothing happened. He called the customer service again 2 more times and they said the same exact words, Looks like he talked to representatives that are not trained well enough. So, the mall closed, waited for 3 hours and nothing happened. I was emotionally stressed, can't focus driving, because I was thinking about it too much I hit the curb and now I have to change tire and spend $200 more dollars. The next morning (5th day) I called Fido again, they said they didn't see the down payment I made for the 15 pro max and I went over the credit limit of $600. Also, owe $1200 for the phone. I made $600 downpayment beforehand. I went to the store again! while the manager was talking to the customer rep, Fido system went down!   As of Today (December 1st 6:30 pm)  I have No network, can't use the phone, no app, can't run my side business and I am emotionally stress!


I am with Fido since 2019 and this is the worst experiece ever! 


I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

It is suggested that you file a complaint with the CCTS (Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Services) and also send a letter to the FIdo by mail informing them that you plan to take legal action. The same thing happened to me when I returned my Fold 5 and my bills were messed up. Now, I owe them $525 for the phone that was returned in September. If you're looking for a reliable internet service, you may want to consider switching from Fido. The company is currently facing some issues and is using 4G internet, which may not provide the best experience.


Hello @Gen11 


Thank you for sharing this with us here.


To verify the status of your account, we will need access to your Fido account. To do so, it will be necessary to contact our customer servie.

You can find all the ways to reach our team here.