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Community Manager (Retired)
Community Manager (Retired)

Hey Community,


Just changed your plan and still a bit uncertain about a few things?



Here’s some helpful info to read over:


Mid-Cycle Price Plan Changes 

  • The monthly fees for both your old and new plan will be prorated on your next bill.
  • If you are changing from a Fido Data, Talk & Text plan to another Fido Data, Talk & Text plan, over the whole cycle you’ll get:
    • The larger of the 2 plans’ data amount
    • Unlimited local minutes
    • Prorated messaging (SMS/MMS) amounts for each plan
    • Prorated long distance amounts for each plan
  • If you are changing your plan to a plan that includes Data Overage Protection:
    • Data Overage Protection is available right after we process your price plan change.
    • If you are already in overage or already exceeded the biggest data bucket, your data will be automatically paused. This will happen even if you already gave consent to additional data charges as part of the Wireless Code of Conduct before the price plan change. You’ll need to purchase an additional data option to continue using data.
  • If you’re changing to and from any other type of plan, all your usage amounts will be prorated.
  • If you are already in Data overage for the month, you will start receiving data usage notifications again with your next bill cycle.
  • If you’ve already purchased a Data Top-Up this month, the cost and the amount of data purchased is added to your new plan. You also won’t see accurate data bucket or usage until your next bill cycle.

Plan changed on the first day of the billing cycle only (same day)

You will see a proration for one day of charges as well as your monthly usage. 


And that’s that. Still have questions? Search the Community for answers!