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Upgrading My phone

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Respected Team,


I want to upgrade my phone but I am a little bit confused about my payment options. My plan is of $45/month but I am paying $40/month due to the offer I have received and I am using this plan in my old phone; I didn't purchase the new phone. Now, I want to upgrade my phone while keeping my existing plan.


My new plan will be like this:

My new phone($1/month for 24 months) + my existing plan($45/month).


So my questions are:

Do I have to pay $40 + $46 = $86 every month or just $46?

and also, as I am paying $40 on my existing plan, will I have to pay $45 instead of $40 on my new plan?

I am using Fido since 1 year and my plan is of 2 years. So, If I upgrade my phone, will my existing plan gets extended or will it remain for the same period?

And also can you please explain me about the offer "BONUS BILL CREDIT $100 OFF YOUR NEXT BILL"?


Thank You


Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hey there @Shivam_M,


Based on the phone you've chosen, your financement price is only $1 monthly. So your total would be $45 (your plan) + $1 (for the phone) = $46+tx for the next 24 months.. Your monthly fees will revert back to your price plan only, once your term is over.


In regard to the ongoing $5 discount, promotions are usually available for a limited time only. Is that discount expiring soon? We can confirm the details by accessing your account as well, you'd simply need to reach out to us on these channels.


As for the $100 bill credit, that is an ongoing promotion and you will see the credit applied in your order confirmation or review window. To clarify, the credit will appear on your second or third bill. In other words, on the bill that is issued after you've placed the order, or the next.


Hope this helps Smiley