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Unlocking an old phone - DENIED!

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

First the unlocking fee makes (some) sense when a phone is not yet paid off.  For a phone that has been at contract price for over 3 years I don't agree with.


I have been a FIDO customer for over 13 years and I have a older iPhone that completed it's 3 year contract.  I replaced it with a newer phone on the same account and that phone is now sitting idle.  I asked for the phone to be unlocked and the fido representative said I had to pay a $50 fee.  I said I didn't want to because the phone is completely paid off so there is no reason for it to be locked.


CSU talked to his supervisor and offered me $10 off my bill in compensation.  So $40 more for me to use something that fido has collected thousands of $ for over the years - more than paid itself off.


Unlikely I will stay with FIDO when my current phone has completed term.  Not really impressed.



Hello nmitenko and welcome to the Community.


We appreciate your feedback on the matter. I would simply ask you to keep in mind that the unlocking fee is not related to the price of your device.


Even if you had no agreement at all, and you decided to pay a phone at full price, you would still be charged to unlcock your phone. 


Keep in mind that there's also a lot involved in offering this service, from both technical and administrative standpoint.


This feel helps us cover those costs, while allowing us to preserve the integrity of our network.


We certainly don't want to see you leave. I would like to verify your options with you. I'm sending you a PM to get this looked into.


Talk to you soon Smiley