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Unable to talk to representative, need urgent help!

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I had to change my number as my previous number was assigned to one more person and all wrong calls were directed to me, and I was trying online to change but I did not get numbers with Montreal area code so I called customer care to do on my behalf and as it was Fidos mistake that it assigned two people one same number,  The person who has created the incident ticket for this incident said me that I wont be charged and he has also updated on the incident ticket too. Plz check that and cancel these charges and plz update my final bill asap.


Hey there @AaAG , so sorry to hear that happened to you.  You need to contact Fido's customer support as soon as possible through any one of the methods mentioned Here 

I would love to help you but we are not Fido employees and you would need to speak with a Fido support person