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Unable to "view usage" online, AGAIN.

I'm a Participant Level 3
I'm a Participant Level 3


I am big on checking my usage online on FIDO.CA, and for two days, it is not showing up under the "view usage" link !!


I am loathe to calling customer service for this and I am not sure if I have ever checked the usage via my phone.. BUT I should be able to check it via !!!


FIX this please.



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I'm Qualified Level 3
I'm Qualified Level 3

My View Usage is working via I live in Southern Ontario.

I'm Experienced Level 2
I'm Experienced Level 2



This is an older post but i think it is still workth answering....


If you cannot view usage this may be due to a change in the middle of your billing cycle and in that case even customer service will not be able to tell you. 



Hope this helps!