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Unable to cancel Fido roam during extended stay abroad

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Hi Fido community, 

I had expected to be able to turn off my data if not using it abroad but was surprised to find out that even code texts from a bank for payment confirmations are "SMS" messages and if you turn on your Fido sim card while abroad and you are enrolled to FidoRoam you'll get charged $15 for getting the one text message. I've tried calling Fido twice and can't get through and or get put into a loop listening to why Fido Roam is great. 

Fido team if you could please get in touch with me and or cancel Fido roam on my account so that I just get billed the $0.50 cents per texts that would be amazing. Please fix this experience for all of us loyal Fido subscribers. Thank you! 

Warm Regards, 



Hello @Erzsi_i,


The Fido community is meant for customers to interact and help each other it is not a method of customer service for Fido so no one will contact or process any change request for you here.


You can start a live chat or send them a message over social media and chat with them at your convenience see here for those methods of contact.


As for the Fido Roam, you will get the message anytime you connect to a partner network that does not mean you will be charged that message is to only let you know. All incoming text messages are always free but if that text contains any data then it will trigger the Fido Roam.


You can opt out of the Fido Roam and just be billed based on the usage rates or you can even completely block it but that needs to be done through customer service.