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I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Good day!
The reason for this email is that I need to request your support with a fraud someone did in my FIDO account, In the month of July FIDO charged me an additional line of a person called "George Cruz" which I dont know who is, and do not know how that line was added to my account making improper use of my personal data because FIDO sold him a cell phone without my authorization, When I got the notice in my email of someone bought a phone with my account I call FIDO to notifiy about the situation that something was happening and someone was using my account to do procedures that were NOT under my authorization, they in the call they ignore my concern how someone could add a line and cell phone to my account,
I have since been making follow-up calls at the "reports" that they had made notify FRAUD but they can NOT fix anything, I have been paying for two months now a phone and phone line that I do not recognize and that without my authorization or signature they added to my account,
I am very concerned about the violation of my personal data and the bad terms with the law because at the store FIDO they told me does not exist any AUTHORITY in CANADA that can regulate their services or give me a solution, I AM TOO CONCERNED about my privacy of my personal information, when I star my contract with FIDO they requested even my migration permits to open the account and now someone external has all my personal information and is making purchases and expenses within the FIDO application and unfortunately are being charged to my account, I worry about having a bad credit score because its to hard to pay the amount they charged to me, FIDO make me feel uncomfortable and discriminated
I even have a chat where a specialized service agent told me the line for "Gerorge Cruz" already was cancel the phone was blocked , I have all the evidence they can use to help me to fix this situation because my account its SUSPENDED and how is possible FIDO still charged to me when I don’t hace access to the line
Paola BA


I'm qualified level 1
I'm qualified level 1

Dont worry, fido did the same thing to me. Fido doesnt care about customer protection and identity theft. Fido doesnt give compensation, and doesnt give chat transcripts.


Just close your fido account. You will be better with another carrier.

Hello @pao_alc_0405 , what a nightmare for you. Unfortunately we have no authority to access a person's account. This is a community forum and we try our best to point you in the right direction. I recommend reaching out to fidosolutions on Twitter or Facebook and request assistance by direct messaging. Or you can contact Fido through one of the links on this support page Here. You should speak with the credit department and fraud department again and request their assistance. I don't know what else to suggest, but what I mentioned is a good place to start. I hope it works out for you