Two balances on Fido bill

Two balances on Fido bill

Two balances on Fido bill

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Two balances on Fido bill

Hi i just got my first bill and its says current balance is 86$ so i pay thru credit card and when i check my fido bill i have a balance of 134.6$ .. i dont know i got two bills to pay 

Anyone can help my here? Is 86$ will be deducted on 134.6$ or shuld i pay both? Thanks 

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Hi @Gilla!


Welcome to Fido! We're glad to have you with us. 


To clarify, are you referring to your detailed invoice or your account balance? Since those are 2 different things.


For example, it's possible that your first bill was $134.60, that a credit was applied afterwards and that your account balance was $86 as a result. 


To verify that your account is in order, you can verify your account balance. If it's at $0, your payment covered the balance owed. If it's a credit, you will see it on your upcoming invoice. As a postpaid provider, we have a monthly billing cycle, meaning some changes will only show on the next cycle. 


Of course, alternatively, you can contact us here and we will review your first invoice. 


Hope this clarifies a bit. Smiley