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Time wasting for something that could be easily resolved.

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

On June 11 I got a phone from Fido store at 290 queen west I paid all my dues and I keep my receipts. The first month I went with no problems. Coming To July I got a phone bill of $706 noting that I have exceeded my credit limit. When I call Fido to fix the issue, they told me I have to go to the store where I purchased the phone. On Sunday the 18th I went to the store they told couldn't to anything rather call Fido customer service (Fcs) Gave me the number FCS they told me I have to go back to the store which is insane but whatever. 

on Monday the 19th around 230pm my account got suspended went back to the store. The manager Nicole she was very helpful called FCS to fix the issue by increasing the credit limit $750 for 8 days. My phone was up running. 


on Tuesday 20th my account got suspended again went to the store to fix the issue again. Same response to increase a credit limit which only last 12hrs instead of 8 days. 

on Wednesday 21st again my account got suspended did the same thing again went back to the store. 

on Thursday 22nd my account got suspended again. At this point I was very frustrated cause I even offered to send the proof of payment but the FCs but they can only accept emails from the store only. 

on Friday 23 my account got suspended again. Went back to the store Nicole the manager helped by calling FCS same thing over and over again 


late in the day I get a call from FCS saying I have to send the receipt to


over The weekend my services didn't get suspended. 

on Monday 26th at noon my services got suspended went to the store from 1:37pm - 4:30pm Nicole was on the phone with FCS kept on transferring her from one department to another to fix the problem. 

at this point my question is with all that time I have spent going to the store on the phone for something that Is Fido's mistake.  

very poor customer service I have ever experienced. 





Hey @Joreeeeeeeeee,


Welcome to the Community!


I can definitely understand your frustration regarding this situation. Rest assured that is not how we want your experience to be! We take every opportunity that helps us improve the services we offer and for that we thank you for the feedback.


Payments made in store may take a couple of days to reflect on the account, which is probably why it affected your credit limit. We apologize for that!


Were you able to send them a proof of payment on the said payment?

If so, are your services working now?


If you still need help, please let us know and we'll send you a private message to look into it together.