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This is what regret tastes like

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I used to be a fido customer after which I switched to a different provider and had the best 4 years of my life. Recently I received a call from fido winback offering me a good plan + new device if I transfer to fido. I liked the offer so I agreed under the condition that I absolutely get to keep my current phone number. I have always had a number starting with 514 (QC province) but I've moved and currently living in ON. The winback agent initially offered me a great Quebec plan and I loved it so I bought it. After the sale was completed they told me they should have offered me an ontario plan since I live in ON. The new plan they offered me to fix their mistake was more expensive with lesser data. I felt cheated but reluctantly agreed and didnt make a fuss since mistakes can happen with anybody. 2 days later I received my fido sim in the mail. I called customer care who explained to me that they cant port my old number because they gave me an ON plan which doesnt work with a 514 number. So what now? They put a note asking winback to call me and move me to a QC winback plan. But I have just been waiting. If I call customer care, they cant offer me winback plans and winback doesnt call me because I guess I've already given them the sale that they needed to meet their weekly target. So who fixes this mess? I suppose they toss me around and let me knock on their doors until one day I get tired and accept their new number. REGRET. Please someone guide me to the fido's phone return policy so I can return their device and close my account. I think I want to keep my old number. NEVER AGAIN



Hello @nishaankparab,


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Sorry to hear about all the miscommunication if the Fido customer service agent forward your request back to the win back team someone should get back to you, unfortunately the time line for the return call can vary and there is no direct way to reach that team as they are an outbound only team.


If you still would like to continue with returning the devices and cancel the Fido account you will need to contact customer service as they are the only ones that can cancel the account and they will send you a return label to send back the devices.