Terribly Unhappy with service for support over holidays

Terribly Unhappy with service for support over holidays

Terribly Unhappy with service for support over holidays

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Terribly Unhappy with service for support over holidays

I have to say that for the most part I have been a happy customer at Fido.  This past December (2017) things just fell apart and I have lost faith.  I am precariously close to just getting off the network all together.... Which is something I have only done with one other service provider in over 20years of having cellular service.  I am likely, to a fault, a person that is a loyal customer to my own detriment.


One service I wish I could employ with Fido is that I tell them I need a call from them.  I guess that may be the solution for me.  I spent 4 attempts on hold for no less than 45min each time on 4 different days.  Then when I start to look for an email address to where I can directly voice my issues... I have come to this location.  I am not enjoying making my issue a public one... as I would respect a company to deal with an issue when eyes are not focussed in their direction by others.  Just dealing with a customer one on one is where I feel you get to know that overall quality of service from a company.  But here I am.


Over the last few months I have had service issues that culminated in Fido doing some sort or line reset... that seemed to fix the problem.  Then in December the problems started happening again... though I had no idea I wasn't receiving messages again.  I wanted to delete a couple services, which I need to talk to someone to do.  And when I was informed of the 10gig plan I wanted to get that on my main line.  That was when I realized I couldn't get through the support number.  Sadly I am not often with enough time to do an online plea or live chat.  So I make my calls that may require some time on hold while I am driving with work.  That was when I did my hours on hold.  


This is my last outcry for support.  I would really appreciate a call back ASAP.  I need to know I am going to be heard and some form of support is on it's way.  Looking forward to some working resolution.



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Hey @Apples-Hamilton


Welcome to the Community Smiley


We're very sorry to learn your most recent experience with us was not a positive one and did not meet your expectations. 


We'll be happy to look into your account and see how we can help with that. I'll be sending you a PM shortly so we can get that started. 


Talk to you soon!