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Terrible service

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I was a new Fido customer for all of 2 weeks. I used the setup assistant (60$) to switch providers and buy a new phone. I did this to make sure everything went smoothly, including keeping my phone number - big woops. 


Fido misspelled my address so Purolator was unable to deliver. After receiving no news for several days I finally contacted Purolator who told me this, and that my phone was in limbo. I called Fido and it took 1 hour for them to figure out that they mis-spelled my street address, missing one letter. In the end the phone arrived 8 days later than projected. 


Phone finally arrives, I go online to transfer my phone number and it doesn't work. I call support and they say I can't transfer a QC phone number to an ON plan (which is what I verified before signing up in the first place. Also I was able to do that with my current provider, Public Mobile). I talked with them for about an hour and then I had to go. Call back later, talk to several people who all tell me the same thing and transfer me through Sales, Customer Service etc and every second person tells me its possible or not possible. 4 hours later I'm still on the phone getting transferred and put on hold each time, but now I have to work so one really helpful person stayed on the phone and worked on a possible solution of switching to a QC plan while I worked a bit, but the line dropped. Call back the next morning to try again, the guy mansplains everything I already told him and slowly over another hour ends up at the same result. I had been asking to speak to a manager this whole time which he finally agrees to do. Get to the manager and she says the same thing, but if I switch to the QC plan it either costs the same for 35 GB less data, or 10$ more for the same plan, and I would have to use a relative in QC's address. 


So after all this I've arrived to the point where I'm cancelling everything and sending the phone back, just gonna buy a phone outright and stay with my current provider, who I was able to just add data with and actually save 2$ on my monthly plan XD 


**bleep** Fido



Really sorry to hear about your experience, @kfm.

It really isn't really the kind of situation we want our customers to have to go through. 

Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback and we'd be happy to look into things with you if you contact customer service