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Terrible in-store customer service, followed by insinuation & accusation

I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

Terrible in-store customer service, followed by insinuation & accusation: The price you pay, for cheap plans

Let me begin and get some popcorn…


I’ve been receiving notifications on my Fido account to add a second line for years.

1. I try to add a second line and get flagged for validation.

2. I call up, and the online rep is clueless. Asks me to wait for a few hours. But tries to sell me a new higher priced plan for my primary phone line. What the!?

3. I call up online customer service the following day and get it resolved.

4. I apply online for a second line again and this time there is a credit check issue. Note, I’ve never missed a phone or credit card payment in the last 7 years.

5. I once again call up the online customer service rep to sign up for a second line. The online rep says that I should be able to pick up the SIM after an hour. The "rep" gives me a 416 number and says it’s “rare” to get one. This bit is important later.

6. “Two” hours later, I’m in the store. This is when things start to get crazy. The in-store rep says they “don’t see anything about an order or SIM” on their end. They ask me to come back after a couple of hours. The confirmation email I received earlier from the online rep is of no use.

7. “Two” hours later, I go back to the store. Another rep says they don’t see anything on their end and asked me to come back tomorrow.

8. I go back home. Call up an online rep to double-check the issue. He says everything was fine on my end. The SIM should be ready for pickup.

9. The following morning, I call up customer service again to verify if everything is good on my end. They say yes and tell me that if there was an issue, I’d have to call up an online rep at the store.

10. Snowstorm, cold as crazy. I head into the store. Give the in-store rep my driver’s license. I talk about the disconnect in communication between the in-store and online reps. If you think the story so far was crazy, wait for what’s coming next.

11. The in-store rep shoots the first irrelevant question -> “Why do you need this plan? It has only data, no talk or text”. Tries to upsell me a new plan. The plan I opted for had no text but had 100min calling. I have a proof for the same.

12. In-store rep is clueless and frustrated that he can’t figure out a solution. Drops more questions. “Whose name is it going to be under?”, “Why do you need it?”, “Your account had validation issues”, “ARE YOU TRYING TO SELL THIS NUMBER TO ANOTHER INDIVIDUAL?”, “416 numbers are associated with fraudulent activities”

13. Imagine yourself going through all the above steps only to add a second line you were advertised on in the first place. In customer service, you need to differentiate between cursing at a person (not acceptable) and cursing at the situation. I reply with “What the **** kind of questions are these?”.

14. In-store rep now takes it personally and gets hostile. Says “I’m just trying to help you” -> I ask him, “by accusing me of doing something illegal?”

15. The rep then says my best option is to cancel the plan and find another store.

16. I call up the customer service rep again. I ask them to cancel but the online rep suggested I get it done in-store as it’s faster.

17. It gets worse. In-store rep keeps bringing up the fact that I cursed “AT” him. The online rep then asks the in-store rep if he can help me. In-store rep replies “IT’S BEST HE CANCELS THE PLAN AND GOES TO ANOTHER STORE”. WTF (I’m not swearing at you reader just expressing my shock AT the situation)

18. I continue the call with the online rep, cancel the plan and guess what? I don’t have the option for the plan I signed up for anymore in the first place. MIND BLOWN.

19. I ask myself if it’s worth going through all this hassle. Maybe. I sympathize with the online customer service reps who were extremely helpful.

20. Online customer service reps are the unsung heroes in any business. A few ppl, however, can make the entire team look bad.


Conclusion: 3 days, 10 reps, 6 calls, 3 in-store trips, accusations… Fido fatality.


I'm helpful level 1
I'm helpful level 1

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