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Terrible customer service

I'm a Participant Level 2
I'm a Participant Level 2

I have purchased a phone from fido with Brightstar device protection.
Unfortunately, I lost my phone and claimed it through the process. The claim was accepted after providing a number of documents to Brightstar. Just before a day from Delivery, They called me and said "We are now rejecting your claim" without any reason.

I asked for clarification and reasons but they keep on escalating my calls and hung up for days. After 60 days passed, they atleast told me It was a document that looks fake during their investigation, so they have rejected the claim.

Now how a valid document can look fake to them? The same document was accepted by Border Security Services a month ago from this incident. I also called the issuing party of document asking for detail, they said they never receive any call regarding the validity of that document.

I called Brightstar again stating that you never actually validated documents and just by looking at it, you denied it. They said this is how their system works, a clain rejected once will remain rejected.

Is there any injustice to this scenario and Do Brightstar have any clarification where I was ready to provide all supporting documents and documents issuers were ready to validate it? Why Brightstar doing things at its own will instead of without caring for customer satisfaction.

I would rate my experience with BrightStar as zero as they never answered my calls properly and in a satisfactory manner. They were not even ready to provide clarification to things.



Hey @pkaur112,


Welcome to our Community!


I'm really sad to read about the troubles you've been through for your claim, that's really not the experience we want for our customers who are in the process of getting a replacement device Sad


Just to clarify, did you ask Brightstar if you could submit a brand new claim altogether by using a different piece of ID than in your previous claim? If not, can you reach out to them to see if that's a possibility and let us know?


Keep us posted on what happens and we'll take it from there to see what the next steps should be.