Temporary suspension

Temporary suspension

Temporary suspension

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Temporary suspension

Hi, I will have to shut down my cell phone for three months, as I will be vacation out of Canada, How can I do to shut down my cell phone but keep my phone number and account just pay minimum fee during the time of temporary halt.


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You're at the right place for help. You can request the suspension of your cellphone line for up to 12 months, at a cost of $7 per month. This is not possible if you are under an agreement, and can only be requested once per 12 months. It will only start on the first day of your billing cycle, but it can be removed at any time. You just need to let us know Smiley


Oh, and the fees need to be payed in advance or you need to set up a pre-authorized payment on your account!


I hope that answers your question. If you want to go forward with this, contact us!