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Technical issue on mobile app bill payment

I'm a Participant Level 2
I'm a Participant Level 2

Hi there. I was trying to make a payment for a bill. However it showed “We’re unable to process your payment. Please confirm your information and try again.” So the balance I owe remains there and I proceed to try paying it again.

The exact same condition happened one more it right after my first attempt. Then the third one was successful. However when I checked my credit card, there are 3 credit payment for the same bill. 
So my question is, should I call my bank and make them reverse the two extra payment? Or will Fido refund me the two extra pmt?

note: the two extra payment did not show up in my Payment History. And I have a screenshot as proof that there was indeed a technical problem on Fido’s side, not my bank nor my phone.

Sorry for all the inconvenience caused. Thank you.


Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hey @davidchiah

Welcome to the Fido Community! 


It's unfortunate you had this kind of experience while processing your payment. 


Can you confirm if you see a credit amount showing when you check your balance in My Account? If not, I would suggest reaching out to your financial institution and make sure these payments were not already automatically refunded in your pending transactions.


Keep us posted. Smiley 

I'm a Participant Level 2
I'm a Participant Level 2

Hi there, 

I’ll make an update here as I had called both Fido and my bank yesterday to sort things out.

- from Fido’s side, representative can’t confirm whether the two payments would automatically be credited back into my account. Then further stressed that there’s nothing Fido can do about it. Requested me to solve it with my bank. I told her I actually have screenshot showing that the app was malfunctioning then she kept on apologizing but still make me call my bank.
- called my bank and told them what happened. They assured me that at the end of the day I’ll still get my money back with the screenshot I have but it might take more than 1 or 2 weeks as I’ll have to dispute the payments. They have also confirmed that Fido could have just cancel/reimburse the two extra payments right away. And they further confirmed that there were indeed 3 payments being paid to Fido from my bank. They can’t do anything right now as Fido is not processing my first two payments but has posted the last payment made. 

-went through few hours of online searching. Still no info on how would Fido handle this kind of problem. So basically I’ll have to wait for weeks then.


Basically both your app and customer service representative are not helpful at all. Will switch to another service provider when my contract ends. 


Thanks for the update @davidchiah


We don't want to lose you as a customer over this! 


We definitely don't want the process to be painful , if it was possible to refund it right away we would have happily done so. The fastest way to have this resolved is to contact your bank! In this case, it seems as though only one payment was authorized by your financial institution. Looks like the other payments weren't authorized and will be automatically returned to your card. This is not something that is done by customer service but it's automated in the system. Now, if all payments were processed and authorized it would be different. In that case we'd have to send you a cheque which could take 2-3 weeks, that's also why we suggest you reach out to your bank to get the refund faster!


Let us know if the payments were returned to your account!