Suspend while overseas

Suspend while overseas

Suspend while overseas

I'm a Participant Level 1

Suspend while overseas



I am overseas and I want to extend my account suspension for four more months starting September. Can I get someone from

Fido to do it for me? Thank you. 


Hello @AnneMu,


You will need to contact customer support directly to have the line temporarily suspended.


A few things to note:

  1. You need to have been with Fido for a minimum of one month and must not be in a contract.
  2. The suspension and the monthly suspension fees will take effect on the last day of your current billing cycle.
  3. You will have to pay for it up-front unless you have a pre-authorized payment setup.
  4. If you are on the Fido Payment Program you will continue to pay your monthly funding amount during the suspension.

Fido has many different ways to contact them even from outside of the country, you can find all the different ways here.