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Suddenly, the new mobile number just shown up although I did nothing!! Help!!

I'm a Contributor Level 1
I'm a Contributor Level 1

Hello guys

Today I just woke up and check my cycle to make a payment as usual.

However, in the overview page, instead of showing one mobile number as usual, it shows another number that I totally have no idea where it came from!!! 

Besides, this mysterious number use $105/mo. plan!! it's even more expensive than mine!!!


Help me people. I don't know what's going on here. I don't want to pay $105 for something I don't have nor knows about!!! :womansad:



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Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hi there @Chocobi


Thanks for reaching out about this!


You definitely shouldn't be seeing a new number on your Account, without having activated any new services...


If there's been an error, not to worry Smiley You've done the right thing in reaching out!


We'll make sure to fix everything ASAP. I'll send you a PM to get started. 

I'm a Contributor Level 1
I'm a Contributor Level 1


I just realized that there was a message like a picture above. I thought it is Fido, so I clicked on that link.

Then, these was a website that has the same appearance with Fido's website, and asked my information. 

I think I've been tricked all along. What should I do?? :womansad::womansad:

Hello Chocobi,


  Did you unwittingly provide your information? If so, have you taken the appropriate measures? At the very least you should change your passwords and possibly cancel your credit card...


  You should also consider forwarding the text message to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre. Fowarding the information to Fido will help prevent others from receiving the same texts. Since you provided personal information, the Anti-Fraud centre may be able to provide the link to authorities to possibly track the scammers.


  You should also consider the advice here. It may seem like a hassle, but any preventative measures taken now are definitely better than trying to sort out stolen identities after the fact.


I'm sorry you have been deceived by those texts. It happens to the best of us. That's why it's so lucrative for the scammers. 


  What's done is done. Now you just need to protect yourself.


Hope this helps Smiley



Oh! It looks like that text you received is fraudulent: we can see that it's not sent from a Fido number. 


Thanks for bringing it to our attention!


I'll be flagging this to our fraud department, in order to prevent this from happening again.


I simply need to have the full details of what you’ve received (exact contents of the text message, the phone number you’ve received the text from) which you've provided above Smiley

Now you can also find more information about it on our forums by clicking here

Also, I’d highly recommend that we add a/update the PIN code on your account. This way, no one else but you will be able to access it.


If that's something you'd like to do, feel free to reply to our PM we sent earlier Smiley

I'm a Contributor Level 1
I'm a Contributor Level 1

What should I do now? I'd definitely change my PIN, but what about the unknown number?

Can you close that number? I just don't want to do an additional payment.

I hear you @Chocobi! I just sent you a new Private Message Smiley 


Feel free to get back to me there whenever you can. 


We'll sort this out together!