Special greeting - voicemail

Special greeting - voicemail

Special greeting - voicemail

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Special greeting - voicemail

How do I switch between my normal greeting and special greeting?


Also, is there a way to get back and old recording i accidentally deleted?




Hey @icebeh and welcome to the Community.


You can customize your greeting if you want to.


You need to dial on 3 to customize your greeting. This works with all the types of voicemails that we offer:


- Mini voicemail

- Enhanced voice messaging

- Premium Voicemail-To-Text

- Iphone Visual Voicemail.


Hope this helps.



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No. Of course what you wrote does NOT help.


The OP asked how to switch between the two greetings: the standard message greeting and the newly created special greeting.


You went rambling on about something completely different instead of stating there's no way of toggling or switching between two greetings.


Fido should just remove option 3 to record a special greeting because you can't do anything with it. All you can do is amend your basic, standard greeting.


Fido's response to this simple question is as dismal and pathetic as Fido/Rogers 4G LTE speeds which are only slightly faster than Freedom/Shaw's network. Fido is misleading everyone and saying the speeds are poor because more people are working from home. While that may have been true back in March, that's no longer the case. In fact, most people are aware of Wi-Fi calling from home that reduces the load on LTE traffic. Moreover, Telus/Bell and their flanker or MVO brands are not suffering from speed performance issues like Rogers/Fido. On my work mobile phone I consistently achieve 4G speeds of around 150 Mbps or faster. On Rogers/Fido it's around 50 Mbps.


I can't wait for a response back from Rogers/Fido saying how Canadians are paying the least amount for data and phone plans in first world countries. It's like hearing Trump tweet only more eloquently written.