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Spam text message / Snapchat

I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

How can I verify if a text message is actually coming from the source identified? I received this spammy text message from the following phone number. 1(833)267-8831 and the message reads "Snapchat: You have friends on Snapchat! Add them:  To unsubscribe:  I have this app and have not consented to such communication and do not see a means of managing for them in my preference settings. Snapchat will not give me a definitive answer. 


I'm a contributor level 3
I'm a contributor level 3

Sadly, you can't. Not on Rogers/Fido  or Freedom network. I find spam filters are superior on the Bell/Telus network.

Standard practice is never click on any link in an SMS., ever,