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Spam number

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

I got a spam call from this number (647) 210-6397

they asked my email, DOB and tried changing password. And these people said I'll get a discount for $10 for an year. 
in addition to that, they said I won't be able to access my Fido account for one day and they wanted us to confirm with other call as well. 
I gave a few details like my email and date of birth. After some time I got suspicious and changed my password once again. 

note these two numbers and raise a complaint with police department. (647) 210-6397 And (800) 532-7093. Please find out the address of spammers and get your Fido brand name what it deserves for the customers. 



Senior MVP Senior MVP
Senior MVP

Hello Raghuanth_13,


  I think everyone is rather fed up about getting SPAM and SCAM calls. Unfortunately, the scammers/spammers are likely making the calls using spoofed numbers. Since the spammers/scammers use spoofed numbers, it is not possible to identify the true spammers' number. The numbers shown on caller ID do not belong to the spammers. They often belong to innocent, unsuspecting people. In fact, there are posts in the forum from customers who have had their numbers spoofed to make those SPAM/SCAM calls. Unfortunately, there isn't much that can be done to prevent numbers from being spoofed. In some instances, the spammers/scammers will use the recipients' own phone numbers to make the calls. Even the RCMP are not immune to being spoofed (see here).


  If you wished, you could report the numbers to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre. However, the mobile providers and landline providers simply cannot block a numbers without absolute proof that the owner of the number is engaged in nefarious activities.


Hope this helps 😀