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Spam Calls

I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1

Good afternoon,


I have been receiving about 3 or 4 Spam calls every day for the last two weeks. They always come as 437-974XXXX. Not sure why I am getting and t is getting a bit annoying as, even if I block the numbers, another number with the same first 6 digits will appear. Can you please advise on why I have started to get these calls just recently?


It is extremely frustrating!!!!





Hey @CarlosOronoz and welcome to the Community.


We get it, getting those types of calls can be inconvenient for all of us.


We have a support team on our end always working to reduce those types of calls for our customers, however spammers find new ways to call people all the time.


We have a page a support page on that gives the steps to follow to avoid Spam calls. You can find this right here.


Hope this helps.