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Something wrong on my Fido dashboard

I'm a Contributor Level 2
I'm a Contributor Level 2


Since last month, I've been using prepaid phone.

I have no problem to use it.


Today, I tried refill $10. I paid it. 

Then I realized that Expiry date beside Refill now button.

It display "Expires on: June 05, 2019"

I often the line on August, so it doesn't make sense at all.


Can you check my account?

Thank you in advance.



Hey @sehui!


That's certainly worth a good look. Smiley


We can send you a PM if you want to continue with us right here or you can find our other contact points here.


Let us know.

I'm a Contributor Level 2
I'm a Contributor Level 2

It seems some text on my dashboard changed.

I will give more detail about my question. 


I activated my prepaid phone in August, and I am still using it, and I will use it next month as well.

Yesterday I refilled $10 on it, because it would expire on Auguest 5th.


My fido dashboard displays, "expires on  August 4th."

I am not sure why the expiry date was changed, I want to make sure my phone is activated and $10 is refilled.


Is there anyway to check remaining minutes?

Thank you.

Former Moderator
Former Moderator

I'll do my best to answer your questions @sehui.


- the $10 refill is valid for 30 days

- your unused balance will remain active and carries over into the next month as long as you continue to refill your account every 30 days

- if you do not refill the account, the balance will be lost. The phone number will however remain assigned to your account for 365 days (that's the expiry date you're seeing)


Regarding your usage, you can view a list of your last 60 transactions on your account on under View Transactions or from your phone by dialling *225. 

I'm a Contributor Level 2
I'm a Contributor Level 2

Thank you so much Rachel