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Signed up to Fido, no tracking number for phone after 10 days, apparently a fraud issue, unable to contact Fraud services

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I signed up to Fido mobile services plan online on February 7. Ordered a pre-owned phone along with a plan. I expected the phone to be shipped within 2-5 days. On February 14, decided to request an update by live chat since no tracking number was provided by that date. Apparently, I need to contact Rehana at the Fraud Management services for more information. I've tried calling 4 times between February 14 until today February 18 and asked to leave voice mail each time.


Contacted support live chat a few times on February 14 and February 15 and each time they were not able to resolve my issue, agents keep directing me to call Fraud Management services. How many times do I need to call before I can talk to someone at Fraud Management services? 10 times? 20 times? 


One agent suggested that I could go to any physical Fido/Rogers store to "verify my identification". I went to one, apparently the store I went was a third party, so they could not help me, they suggested me to go to a first party Fido store. I went to a first-party Fido store, which is quite a distance from home, only for the store employee to ask me to call the same Fraud Management services number again. So went back home, tried calling the number, again went straight to voice mail. So I left a voice mail


At this point, I have wasted much more time than I would like trying to resolve this issue. Even before I started using Fido's services, I've only been getting unacceptable customer experience and customer support. Now I want to cancel my account, because I don't want Fido's service anymore. Signing up online is supposed to be quick and painless. If I had known that I will be having these issues, and difficulty in reaching customer support, I'd have gone to a Fido store instead of signing up online. I really don't think Fido wants my business, and they definitely don't appreciate my time and patience.


So I called customer support again, looking to cancel my account. Finally was able to reach a person, only for them to tell me there's nothing they can do, except keep trying and waiting for someone from fraud management services to get back to me. They were also not able to cancel my account.


Is there anybody that can help me cancel my account? I'm planning to sign up with a different carrier, and I don't want to be potentially charged for a service that I did not use and was not allowed to use.



Hey @budiante 


We apologize for the back and forth you've had throughout your recent experience. 


We've sent you a private message via the community. We'll be happy to continue with you from there! 😀