Setup mobil device Huawei E5220S-6

Setup mobil device Huawei E5220S-6

Setup mobil device Huawei E5220S-6

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Setup mobil device Huawei E5220S-6

Hi, I just put Fido sim card into the mobil device E5220S-6, got the web page for setting

After enter the new profil for Fido:  Fido-core-appl1.apn, there is a question data roaming (enable or disable)

I need to enable it to get internet working correctly on my tablet.

My question is: do I get charge for roaming data ? or just the way the setting to be ?

How I check to make make sure not get charge ?  I remove the Fido sim card for now and just put directly on the tablet for now...tks for help


Following is the exact text : mobile connection

When the mobile network is turned on, the device connects to the network automatically

Data roaming:     enable 0   Disable 0


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  Judging by the specifications found here. That device would have all of the compatible bands/frequencies for 2G and '3G'. Since the device is not LTE capable, you are using the correct APN.


  Occasionally, some phones and devices think they are roaming if they are used outside of their target markets even though they use a local SIM. As long as you are using the device in Canada with a Fido SIM, you will not get charged for roaming data. If you happen to connect to Fido-EXT, you should still be able to use data (and not be charged for roaming), however there may be limits as to how much you can use with extended coverage.


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@chungduong You had to enable the data roaming because the device is not from Fido so the device thinks it is roaming thats why you need to enable it. You will not be charge for roaming.