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Set up Service Fee and Ask Jack

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I have been with Fido for 20 years + and have 5 phones with them as we run a business. It is ridiculous that I would recieve a set up fee when I have been a customer of thiers for so long, with so many phones and pay on time! I called to have this fee credited and now no one answers and you are texted to go to the 'Ask Jack' program. I find this insulting and frustrating that we cannot even talk with an agent with a communication company. If anyone has a number that I can actually talk with a person, I would appreciate it. 

I used to love Fido and promoted them whenever I could. But now? I don't think so.


So sorry @JanHobman to hear this. I'm assuming that you're already aware of These avenues of contact. I've been a long time customer also and I find I get better interactions with sending a dm to fidosolutions on Twitter. No waiting on the phone, just a back and forth conversation with on of fido customer support agents. If you have Twitter I highly recommend that you try this way of contact. All the best to you, cheers