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Sarcastic Representative

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I have called the hotline to seek for an assistance with regard to my recent upgrade of my phone. At first, I thought it just his natural way of speaking but as we go along to my main concern, he's having this intentional raising of voice it's as if I can't understand English. The way he answer my question was so arrogant, that leads to all my questions wasn't able to brought out to him for the way he's answering back. I might not have the good English but a good customer representative have a huge role in addressing a problem. Hope the this won't happen again. Very unprofessional. 



Hi there @Roderick011 and welcome to the Community!


We're sorry we left you with that impression and experience as this is really not how we want things to happen.


Please reach us out through our service channels so that we can send a feedback and make sure this will not happen again:


Thank you!