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Rude in store customer service agent

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1



I visited the Fido / Rogers Store store in cedarbrae mall Toronto today.I patiently waited for 45 mins in the line. At first the agent asked me at the door "What do you need" (rudely) whereas the roger guys were taking people inside and then asking what help they needed. I told the agent that I need to buy an Esim ( he instant said there will be a charge for esim Which I already knew). I expected him to atleast take me till his desk and then tell/ask the details.. It seemed he was in a hurry.  I also had a question about my home internet plan bill. Firstly he took a personal call while I was standing beside him without apologizing. Then when he was about to check my internet account he said the first bill may be prorated to which I immediately jumped in and said "Yes I know that and if you can please check my account and confirm that it would be great" he responded saying " "Chill man I am doing that only" with an attitude as if I am not allowed to speak when he is doing something.. As a customer aren't you allowed to speak or be a bit anxious about something? I felt extremely insulted and asked him if he was going to talk so rudely with me? I was hoping for an instant apology which dint come by instead he gave me further attitude when I said I would walk out and he dint try to stop me or manage the situation ( as a customer service rep I'd expect some politeness from him). I also think he was happy that I left as I think he wanted to leave soon which I overheard from his personal call. All in all I'd say as a customer service agent he needs to enrol in a course that teaches how to talk politely with customers.


I'm qualified level 1
I'm qualified level 1

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Sorry to hear about your experience at your local Fido kiosk, in this case, you would need to ask for the manager at that location to voice your concerns as these kiosks are individually owned and operated.