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I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Why does my iPhone show 17 kB of roaming when I have the cellular data roaming option turned off?


Good morning @NorthernGal , are you out of country or out of your home area? Did you get charged for roaming? If you are out of country and turned on your device and then turned off roaming, then you would briefly connect to a network and get a welcome message. That would then initiate a day of roaming. If you don't plan on using your device when traveling to another country, the absolute certain way not to begin roaming is to remove your sim card from your device and store it somewhere safe. I usually put it between the back of my phone and the case. What most people do is put their device in airplane mode before hand and only use Wi-Fi, sometimes you can forget and turn airplane mode off by mistake instead of just using the Wi-Fi button. I personally prefer to remove my sim card to avoid charges.