Roaming trap?

Roaming trap?

Roaming trap?

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Roaming trap?

I landed in the US. Sent 1 single text, then I received a Fido text about some Pulse? plan. Do I get charged $7 for 1 text? Is this some kind of trap? A U.S text used to cost $0.75 or $1.00.


Hey @Cardero,


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I assure you that our Fido Roam service is intended to make it affordable to stay connected at all times while travelling outside of Canada.The service comes with all monthly plans and the way it works is that for $7/day, it allows you to use your Canadian plan and all its features while in the U.S. 


If you're planning on using the service lightly while roaming and would rather be charged the pay per use rates, you can always opt out of Fido Roam by reaching out to Customer Care.


You can find all the important info about Fido Roam here. You can also find the pay per use rates (in case you opt out of Fido Roam) for all destinations here (simply enter the country in the Search field).


Let us know if you have questions.



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Pay as you go should be the default option like any other service. Then if I want a package I contact Fido. Otherwise they get some deceiving money first from my pocket until I get the chance to get through customer service.

No fair, no convenient. I found about the default roaming when it was too late: 1 text = $7. The Fido sales rep never mentioned anything about this forced roaming by default when I signed up. Deceiving and unfair in my books. I pay my bill the second it shows in my email.

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It's a trap alright and not a very well justified one either. You got off lucky by paying just $7. I was royally jacked $84!


It's all here

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It is a sneaky and gutless trap! I lost $35 over 2 accounts over 3 days. 3 text messages; two 5 second phone calls between each other. Wasted an hour on the phone and spent time on Fido chat and they still wouldn't reverse it.  I expected less than $5 in charges not $35.  I never signed up for Fido roam.  Can't wait to cancel my 3 accounts when my contract is up in a few months.  Let me know how the complaint goes. Cheers.

Hey @dleung,


We know that over usage fees are never a pleasant surprise and we really wouldn't want to see you go! Sad


Since Fido Roam comes with all our plans, it's activated automatically unless you opt out. Check out the solutions of this thread for more info.


This being said, I'd like to take a closer look at the account and those charges with you. I'll send you a PM in just a few moments, keep an eye on your inbox.


Talk soon!



Hey @Fredyo


We've replied to your other message and will continue with you in private.


Talk soon!



Hey @cadero


We do want to avoid any surprises for our customers which is why we send a notification letting you know about our rates as soon as you cross the border.

At the same time, we do appreciate your feedback and I will make sure to share your comments to the people in charge.