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Revert back to previous plan and get removed discount

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Hey, I was wondering if I can have the option to revert my plan back to previous and get the 2nd line discount. I was actually reviewing the offered plan and it didn't tell me that the existing discount would be removed if I Proceed with the recommended offer. And I was thinking that I should receive the discount because I'm still meeting the condition of having 2nd line on my account. The stage thing is that  it didn't even asked me to confirm before changing the plan. Everything was done even before a confirmation and I couldn't find any way to revert that right that moment. So I would like to what are the options to solve this problem.





Hello @Alvin092,


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By default when switching plans all discounts/promotions drop off when changing plans online it tells you what will be removed and what will carry over, however, I've noticed and mentioned to Fido in the past that it is not clear because if you have a discount it makes no mention if it will be removed or carry over. If a customer does not know the default process is all discounts and promotions will drop off they are left in a quandary.


Usually when you make a plan change and if your plan is not available there is no way to go back but in some cases, Fido can revert back customer plan to find out if it can be done for you will need to speak with a live agent directly and they will be able to better assist you.