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Retentions, are they still around?

I'm a Contributor Level 1
I'm a Contributor Level 1

Just wondering are they still around? Called Fido, waited 30 mins to get someone on the phone. Asked him what are my options to upgrade my account and phone. Pretty much told me I have no real options. Yet my wife got a 10gb plan and a hardware upgrade in August (she was targeted and I wasn’t) I’ve been with Fido for a long time (longer than her) and was kind of disappointed with his customer service.  I’ve been off contract since Sept. and as much as it pains me, this might be the end.


Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hey @kingair

Several factors are taken into account when a line is targeted for a special offer. It's also important to note that promotions come and go and we can't always offer you what someone else received Smiley

This doesn't mean that we want to see you go though! 

I see that we're already in PM together so don't hesitate to get back to us over there.