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Regarding a great service

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Hi greeting,


Sorry I missed out a survey provided by Fido for a July 17th 2021, for a Fido Store Representative called Sabrina. She was a stellar and exceptional store representative. I was very confused and she provided me great help on my device, and was super patient with me.


I missed out the deadline for the survey because I didn't see the email until the deadline was over. I hope this will help out to mention how great she is on this forum. Smiley

I don't know where to send this email to, so I hope she will receive it this way. Smiley


Thank you very much,




Hey @jyangsgrace


Welcome to the Community!


We really appreciate you taking the time and coming to the Community to share your lovely feedback with us. We're sure Sabrina will really appreciate it. We'd be happy to forward your feedback to her and her manager. 🙌💛


I'll send you a private message shortly.