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Recycled numbers - what a nightmare

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Is there a way to determine if my number is recycled?


I keep getting smapped by people asking for randos. 


On top of that, whichever app/service I purschase starts with "welcome back" and then I have to retrieve the password because the number is already on their database. I literallt got it a few days ago. 


I can't even use any new-user promos because they have already beena availed. WTH?


Any idea on how to deal with this. It's quite aggravating. 



Hello @Ivneet  and welcome to the Community.


Once a line is cancelled, the phone number goes back to our bank of phone numbers and a new customer can take it over.


In your situation, it's definitely possible that you now have the phone number from a previous customer.


When it comes to purchases on Apps, can you clarify which ones we are talking about exactly?