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I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Good evening Fido team

Unfortunately I am facing a serious trouble right now due to forget the minimum payment in the year of 2019.

Due to this my rating is R9 everywhere,whichever is very bad in all aspects when I go for any credit card or line of credit. I cleared all the dues in the same year(2019) ,but it still reflecting in my equifax account.

I already talk with the equifax regarding that so they told me only the fido can fix this issue.

Reason for this issue- I am not paying minimum payment of my dues.

Timing- July 2019- Dec.2019.

It is my humble request to you ,please reconsider this issue and please send an appropriate result to the equifax, so they can clear my reports.

I will sent an attachment for your reference:

I am waiting for your reply.

Thank you


Senior MVP Senior MVP
Senior MVP

Hello Salimkhan4647,


  Welcome to the community!


  Sorry to hear of your situation. Unfortunately, as mentioned by Kapable-K below, I'm not sure Fido will be able to resolve your credit rating.


  I understand you may have already cleared your dues. However, as far as I am aware, the R9 rating will stay on your credit report for 6-7 years from the date the debt has been paid in full (see here and here). If your debts were cleared in 2019, the rating would still remain for a couple more years.


  You might consider contacting a Licensed Insolvency Trustee to ensure you are on the right track to have that rating removed in a few years.


Hope this helps 😀




Hello @Salimkhan4647,


Welcome to the community!


You should note this community forum is not meant as a method of customer service for Fido it is driven by customers like myself helping each other.


In regards to the credit rating you incur due to you missing payments in this case there is nothing Fido will be able to do and you will have to continue to make your payments on time and wait for that to drop off your report, if the report was made in error then Fido can send a request to have it adjusted but since you missed payments the report would be accurate and will not be reversed.