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Received wrong SMS messages about my payment being declined

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Hi. I've received 2 SMS messages from 93995 regarding my Fido bills.


The first one was sent a few days after I opened my Fido account. It said "Hi, it's Fido. Your latest bill is now available. There's a credit balance this month. No payment required.? Bill Total: $-11.30? View your bill:". However, the account number is not mine.


The second message said "Hi, it's Fido: Your payment was declined. The automatic credit card payment of $88.14 we tried to process on June 11, 2023 for your account ending in 8144 did not go through. Your Fido bill was therefore not paid. We understand these things happen! Check with your financial institution to see if there was a problem with your card. If your payment for this bill is late or if it's declined 4 times in a row, additional fees could apply. If you need to update your payment details, you can find more info about how to do this at" And again, the last four digits don't match my bank account.


I chatted with an online customer rep and she said I don't have any amount to pay, nor did they ever send any messages to me. Please help me understand why I kept receiving these wrong messages. Thank you!


Hi there @JungleCocoa , if a customer service representative told you your account is fine and that isn't your account number, what I would do is report the texts as spam. Don't click on any links and forward to fido spam to 7726 via sms