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Re. $15 monthly prepaid plan: What happened to my 75 texts?

I'm a contributor level 2
I'm a contributor level 2

I am a long-time customer of Fido's prepaid telephone service. 

I had been using Fido's $10 a month prepaid plan for many years, a plan that Fido eventually charged $2 extra a month in order for me to continue using. The plan suited me, as I very rarely use my phone, and wanted the cheapest possible plan available for a reliable service for those ultra rare occasions that I needed to call someone. 

Two days ago, I switched to Fido's $15 a month prepaid plan, the one that includes 75 Canada-wide calling minutes, and 75 text messages.

As soon as this transaction was completed, I got confirmation from Fido's automated service that I am now on this $15 a month plan, and I was then told, correctly, that I have 75 minutes left. I am then told, very incorrectly, that I've already used up all of my alloted 75 text messages. Why is that?

I don't ever text message anyone, and I obviously did not send 75 texts between the time I switched to the new plan, and the time I was told I have no texts left, a span of maybe 30 seconds.

I called Fido's customer service about this, and the nice lady who answered me could not offer an explanation, other than a glitch in the system. She confirmed that I did not text anyone, and credited me $20 in case I needed to send texts. The $20 courtesy credit is appreciated, though it doesn't add up to what it would cost me to send 75 texts at 60 cents each ($45). 

Does anyone know what the problem could be here, why did Fido's automated service deny me the 75 alloted text messages? Since this $15 a month plan includes 75 texts, I want them, it doesn't matter that I wouldn't use them anyway. Thank you.