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Dishonest staff at the Fido store

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Let me tell you my story.


Today I walked through the Fido Store in Banff. I told the staff that I saw a data plan online, which is the 4GB data, and talk and text plan with a montly fee of $41. I showed him what I saw online with my phone. He told me that he will do it for me and he claimed that it would just be the same if I do it online by myself (but actually the charges are not the same!! There is an additonal charge of $50!! which is much more expensive than my phone plan!!). I thought the fee would be $41 but when we had almost finished entering all the information required for the activation process, he told me that there was an activation fee of $50. I was like, what?? Why didn't you tell me in advance? And the fact is that the fee could be waived if I do the activation by myself online !! I was not satisfied with this but I had already signed the contract agreement. There was nothing I could do. This is so ridiculous. When I was showing my phone to him the moment I entered the store, he should have had reminded me that the activiation fee could be waived if I do it online. It is not good to tell the customers that they have to pay for additional charges at the end of the whole service. 


Later, he told me that he could waive the fee for me but he had to call his boss. He called but no one answered the phone. He said he would follow up and the fee would be waived on the second month. I don't know if what he said was true or correct because he seemed dishonest. Maybe he just wanted me to leave the store as soon as possible. I couldn't trust his words. And it was not written on the serivce agreement that the fee would be waived on the second month. I don't know what to do. It is a really terrible experience. You gotta be honest man!!


Hi there @Carol_bee , sorry you feel you didn't get accurate information from the sales agent. A few suggestions are: call fido on your device at *611 to express your discomfort with the transaction and request their help. Contact Fidosolutions on Twitter or Facebook and request their assistance or cancel your contract and start over. There's a cooling off period when signing an agreement. 

All in person or telephone assistance in setting up a plan has a $50 set up fee. Please contact fido sooner than later to have this corrected. I hope you get the resolution you are looking for,  best regards