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Professional Liars - Absolutely Disgraceful

I'm a contributor level 1
I'm a contributor level 1

Are Fido customer service operators are trained to incessantly lie to Fido customers?

I have been told lie after lie after lie regarding my Fido plan, options and capabilities.

I'm told via phone and chat that my phone can't perform certain functions whilst literally performing these exact functions whilst speaking with Fido. 

When asking specific questions all Fido operators will answer in an indirect, evasive and deceitful manner, leaving more questions than answers.

When attempting to escalate an issue, Fido operators lie about their position, saying they're the highest ranking representative, manager, etc. (I have been told I'm speaking to a different "most senior operative/manager" every time I have had the utter displeasure of speaking to Fido)

When pleading for any alternative Fido support regarding specific issues all Fido operatives provide incorrect phone numbers or just the general support number, but saying it's a specific number to escalate an issue.


I hope with the upmost sincerity that Fido goes broke and all of the insesant liars that make up the entire customer support network at Fido lose their jobs.


Soon-to-be former Fido customer of 4+ years.




We received your PM.


Talk to you soon.