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Price of device went up after contract ended

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Time to leave fido. Till yesterday i had device balance of $56 and was getting a device under promo credit for $20. Now the same device is coming to $60 with promo credit of $10, only reason is that , now i can upgrade my device for free. How smart fido. Good bye



Hi @Krish23, welcome to the community, Alex here! 


I'm really sorry to hear this, we wouldn't want to see you leave for another provider. I can totally understand that it can be frustrating to see the price of a device you're interested go up, but keep in mind that our offers change very frequently, it's not because your contract ended. 


Please feel free to contact our customer service and we'll be happy to look at other devices, I'm sure we can find something that works for you!