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Prepaid account balance lost

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I recently switched to FIDO pre-paid plan. I bought CAD 100 one year plan. However, for some reason I have to port out my phone back to my old provider. When I called to ask one of the Customer service rep to transfer the balance on my pre-paid account to my FIDO internet account. The rep claims that once the account is ported out I will lose any balance left on the account. Basically, in 25 Days I am losing my balance which is suppose to last me for a year. I am not asking to refund the money back to me. Whatever is the balance I want to use it against my FIDO internet bill. I am not sure that the information provided to me is correct.


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Hello Suly100,


  Welcome to the community!


@Suly100 wrote:...I am losing my balance which is suppose to last me for a year...

  I think there might be a misunderstanding about Fido's pre-paid services. You should note that Fido no longer offers a purely pay-as-you-go service. All pre-paid accounts require a monthly or yearly plan. With those plans, you get a certain amount of minutes, messages, and data (if applicable). You should also note that those plans are different than your account balance.


  For example, in your situation, you noted you have the yearly plan. You are able to use the allotted minutes and text messages for the year after you purchased the plan. However, purchasing that plan does not mean that you still have $100 (plus taxes) remaining on your account. With a traditional pay-as-you go model, you add $100 to your account and that amount decreases as you use services. The monthly and yearly plans do not operate that way. Unless you added additional funds to your account, the yearly charge (plus tax) would have already been taken reducing your account balance to zero. Any additional funds you added would be used for overage usages or towards the following year's charge. Are you referring to additional funds added to your account?


  If you are referring to additional funds you added, unfortunately I don't think deposits to your pre-paid account are transferrable to an internet account. I believe Fido has allowed customers to transfer their pre-paid account balances when they migrated over to post-paid services. However, that would have been mobile-to-mobile services, not mobile-to-internet services.


  It's unfortunate that you have to switch providers. I do understand not wishing to lose any remaining balance, if you had paid additional funds. You could attempt to use any remaining monies on services not included in your yearly plan.


Hope this helps 😀